• Meet with Principal and define project goals in terms of scope, budget, schedule, risks, assumptions, and success metrics.
  • Assist Principal in establishing a conceptual budget, which will be evaluated on an ongoing basis throughout the project.
  • Develop a conceptual schedule that reflects key project milestones.
  • Tour candidate buildings and/or sites.
  • Assist Principal in defining required project team members (i.e. architects, civil engineer, MEP engineer, permit expediter, traffic consultant, environmental and geotechnical engineer, etc.)
  • Recommend potential candidates for Principal’s consideration or as otherwise appropriate based upon Principal’s procurement processes. 
  • Coordinate development of requests for proposals (RFP) and solicitation of RFP’s with Principal.
  • Review, analyze and summarize proposals. 
  • Coordinate interviews of potential project team members.
  • Facilitate process to obtain executed consultant contracts with Principal.
  • Coordinate the design team’s initial due diligence investigations or review of existing due diligence material.
  • Recommend and coordinate additional site due diligence as required.
  • Assist project team to initiate preliminary zoning investigations and assist Principal in evaluating impact to site analysis.
  • Prepare cost analysis of candidate buildings and/or sites as applicable to assist Principal in selection process.
  • Manage design team’s site planning/test-fit process.
  • Update conceptual project budget for each site test fit plan including land cost, legal fees, site development costs, permit and governmental impact fees design and soft costs, construction, tele/data cabling, security, furniture, moving, etc.  as applicable to the project.
  • Update conceptual project schedule for each tested building and/or site as applicable.
  • Assist transaction team with the identification of technical issues associated with the lease, work letter, or purchase agreement.
  • Assist transaction team to outline technical milestone dates.


  • Conduct informal discussions with governmental agencies, with assistance from selected project team members, in order to understand the entitlement process, notify the agencies on the project, and lay groundwork for future approvals and permits.
  • Conduct regular coordination meetings with Principal and consultants.
  • Coordinate design reviews with Principal and design team and seek approval at each phase of design.
  • Coordinate Principal’s technology and operations requirements with the design team. 
  • Update project budget and schedule as needed, seeking and obtaining Principal’s approval.
  • Assist Principal to consider identified alternate materials, methods and systems that may achieve desired results at reduced costs and/or construction time.
  • Coordinate reviews with local, state and federal agencies and assist the permit expediter, architect, and engineer in securing all necessary permits and agency approvals.
  • Evaluate and recommend to Principal for approval the early purchase of long lead items as required to meet project schedule requirements.
  • Review preliminary and final design documents to surface any potential concerns relating to construction or space utilization inefficiencies.
  • Assist Principal, in determining construction contracting and selection method.
  • Assist Principal and architect, in identifying alternates, separate and unit prices, etc. for bid package.
  • Develop the scope of the work  for the prospective bidders with the Principal and delineate between base building vs. tenant improvement packages, and any separate 3rd party vendor scopes such as security, audio visual, signage, data cabling etc.
  • Coordinate preparation of Requests for Proposals for prospective bidders.
  • Arrange a project site walk-through as part of the pre-bid conference.
  • Assist with pre-qualification requirements for trade contractors.
  • Review, analyze and summarize contractors’ proposals and make recommendations to the Principal.
  • Coordinate the evaluation of any proposed substitutions with design tem and Principal.
  • Cause the contractor to develop a detailed progress schedule.
  • Facilitate process to obtain executed contractor contracts with Principal and assist Principal in review contract provisions. 
  • If applicable, coordinate with the Landlord as required to ensure that bidding, selection and award practices are completed in a manner consistent with the lease and Principal’s goals.


  • Initiate Project Kick-Off meeting with project team members, landlord and Principal as required to establish process for communication protocol, operating procedures/hours, notifications, etc.
  • Refine project budget, seeking and obtaining Principal’s approval.
  • Coordinate update of project schedule, utilizing contractors and other vendor contract schedules to arrive at a final project completion date.
  • Coordinate architect/engineer site visits and responses to contractor inquiries.
  • Monitor delivery and review of shop drawing and submittals.
  • Monitor contractor performance as to cost and schedule.
  • Chair regular job site meetings with contractor and consultants.
  • Monitor tasks assigned to project team members during project meetings and advise the Principal on prioritization of critical issues that need resolution.
  • Perform regular job observations to evaluate construction progress, adherence to project plans and specifications, and assist in resolving field problems and disputes.
  • Assist the Architect as required in quality control of the design and construction process as it progresses.
  • Evaluate, recommend for approval and process Payment Applications for contractor and other vendors through Principals staff for payment.
  • Assist Principal to request tenant improvement allowance disbursements, providing evidence of project progress as required.
  • Cause to be maintained and organized, complete project logs (including change orders, RFIs, bulletins, drawings etc.), progress photos, files and other documentation.
  • Evaluate, negotiate and make recommendations to Principal regarding proposed construction change directives and change orders, seeking Principals approval. 
  • Monitor corrective and recovery measures, as required.
  • Coordinate other 3rd party vendors (not carried by general contractor) schedule into overall project schedule for performance and completion of work.
  • Coordinate Principal’s equipping and move-in with construction activities.
  • Assist contractor to coordinate required inspections and permits in order to achieve Temporary and/or Final Certificate of Occupancy.


  • Conduct regular project close meetings with contractor and consultants.
  • Oversee preparation of punch list and completion progress.
  • Coordinate and cause to be delivered to Principal and/or Landlord as applicable, close-out documents (as-built drawings, warranties, O&M manuals, etc.).
  • Reconcile budget with final payment applications from contractor and other vendors and seek approval of Principal.
  • Coordinate product and equipment demonstrations and training as needed.
  • Monitor initial start-up and testing of all systems and obtain confirmation of compliance with specifications.
  • Obtain feedback from Principal regarding achievement of project goals.

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